Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ashamed and goaded

Ok Ok. I've tried this blogging thing before (starting in 2002) but it never got off the ground. One the technical side, there were no good blogger clients then, I was using a 56K modem and publishing via the web took too much time and just seemed like too much trouble. On the personal side, I was torn between being excited about leaving my mark (however insignificant) but then I thought it was really self-indulgent, geeky, and although I considered myself a bit of a technophile at the time, the fact that I couldn't get my blog client working to my satifaction grated on me and filled me with self doubt about my status as a true geek. If I couldn't get this stuff to work then how much of a geek was I? Self loathing and "cutting" ensued.

Well, I recently found out that a friend of mine started a blog and that too grated on my sensitive, easily bruised ego. How dare he successfull start a blog when mister geek boy could not! AArgh. The end result is that I'm giving it another go.

I don't know if I'll be nearly as adept at witty commentary as this friend of mine but I hope to at least spark an occasional involuntary twitch of the corners of the mouth every now and then.