Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I've become more than the sum of my parts!?

For the last month an 1/2 I've started cycling again. It all started with getting hook on the tour de France several years ago then the "I wanna be like Lance" phase where my wife and I went and bought new trek MTBs to start getting fit. This lasted all of about 2 weeks.

2 years, turning 40, crazy cholesterol results and repeated "encouragement" from the wife finally pushed me to start again. Now I have become not only a computer geek but a bike geek as well. I read about the latest gear, read a funny rider's blog, and literally bought the t-shirt (or in this case jersey). It was all under control until one day...... Facebook came into my life (see prev post).

I added a little app called my cycle log which turns out to be a website in it's own right You can record data like distance, cadence, etc. OOoooh fun! I like data! You can also set little goals and track your progress. Cool! Operant conditioning! Even more cool, riding specified distances gets you a certain color on your calendar (I wants me a green riding day) - motivator, great! There was also a way to map your route on another site and get accurate mileage AND elevation but who would be so geeky as to do that...


I'm addicted. I'm down to mapping the route from home to the corner freaking store and giggling like a little girl 'cause I climbed 50ft and it's all in a form that shows me graphs and pictures and maps and oooh bad! The internet, my lust for data and a place to record data related to my bike rides. My poor poor wife. I'm actually considering changing my handle to "3rd of 5".

Damn it's fun though.

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