Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Begin agin

And so and another season of teaching is upon me. My first summer session teaching Abnormal psychology began today. It should be a lot easier this time. My lecture notes are already online and printed on overhead transparencies.

Yep. You read that right. Transparencies.

My university is only now converting classrooms to use Powerpoint presentations. Fortunately, the room I'm teaching in this summer is 'projector enabled' and I've got it working with my laptop without any assistance [duct tape and spit are amazing tools :) ] so this class should mostly be about converting boring transparencies to boring powerpoint (or, more accurately "impress" presentations - check out open office link on the right). Next semester I'll get the chance to spruce things up and make them funky but getting my notes into a form I can really use is the first priority. Should be a relatively easy ride. Wish me luck.


tim said...

Do they have "fire" there yet??

DNA The Splice of Life said...

What is this thing you call "fire"? Is it something like the stuff that falls mysteriously from the sky and makes you slippery?

tim said...

It's similar in class, but different in properties.... :-)