Friday, May 27, 2005

Ranting and Raving

OK my first true rant. I should not be doing this given that My wife and I have been waiting for our green cards since August of last year. The timeline we were lead to believe would occur would be that after a month of two after sending our documentation to the Texas Immigration Office the official long-term green card would be processed and mailed to us. We were advised that if we had not received our documents by February we were to contact some offical and make inquiries. It turns out that the immigration officer at the "port of entry" did not put the proper stamp on our documents and we were - once gain - in legal limbo. Our lawyer, hired at great expense and specializes in immigration law, made contacts with the people he knows and tried to locate these misplaced documents. We even received a notice that we were to travel to charlotte to get the documents stamped and sent for proper processing. However, once we got there we we told that we were not in the proper office and the person at the "window" refused to tell use where the proper office would be. Of course, we contact our lawyer who knows someone at the right office who then requested the documents so that he could apply the right stamps but this person was given the run around and no one seemed know where the documents were located. Un freaking believable! Our lawyer eventually had to contact our state senator! The rumor/information we were told was that this senators office had a very good relationship with out lawyers office and the the bureaucracy becomes quite distraught when political officials become involved.

Within a week we received great news! Our documents were located (somewhere in St. Louis) and our final documents would be in our hands within two weeks. This was 4 weeks ago. A call to our lawyer revealed that he too remains continually amazed with the bizzareness of the difficulties we are having.

It's so stressful that it probably would have been easier to just enter the country illegally! For freakin' fraggin floppin' sakes! Just how incompetent are these bureaucrats ... Or ... Are we on a some sort of watch list because I do not fall hook line and sinker for the lies errr I mean communications sent out by the Bush administration. Sigh.


wife o'dna said...

I love you but you need to work on your ranting skills. Let's not forget that we've been waiting for our green cards since August when we completed the FINAL effin' step, but prior to that we went thru 4 years of complete effin' hell. Perhaps you should leave the ranting to me.

socialsomatic said...

Has this been resolved yet? Can I assume the "Texas Immigration Office" is a group of disgruntled vigilantes? This may explain your troubles.