Thursday, May 19, 2005

International Kitty Konspiracy

It's true. I've been gathering evidence for months. Kitties around the world are in communication with each other and are on the brink of realizing their nefarious plans to take over the reins of power. It all came together a few days ago when I read Rockin' Tim's blog. He's over on Rotten Tomatoes. He and his wife have a number of kitties and recently experienced a computer crash. It turns out that it was a power supply failure. Or so it seemed...... I too recently had a computer issue. I was getting ready to clone my hard drive and just before I started I decided to burn a CD of Star Wars: Dark Forces - the first of the of the really good PC Games with a continuity of characters. So, I slip in the PCMIA card for my CD Burner and my Windows XP froze.... sigh.... big surprise. I think nothing of it. I do a hard reboot and while I'm waiting for the laptop to get backup to speed I head to the main home office an start to install the latest Linux Distro that I'm interested in trying (vLos 1.1). When I came back I found that windows had loaded up in what appeared to be safe mode. I have to note here that Kitty did not follow me into the office as is her usual habit (the plot thickens). Again I think nothing and reboot again. This time I again boot into "safe mode". So, I look at adjusting the the display settings (expecting to just readjust the display resolution and color depth -32 bits, millions of colors). Simple enough right? WRONG! It turns out that I only had one screen resolution available (640x something) and 4 bit color... 4BIT!!!!! I've never come across 4 bit resolution! Normal safe mode since Windows 95 was 16 bit) This was crazy!

Long story short, after several reboots with no change I was eventually able to reload the proper driver from the web and recover my display.

This is where the IKK comes in. This "event" occurred while I was out of the room and Rockin' Tim's computer power failure was an odd coincidence. So I examined our photo record and the photo's below seem to suggest that kitties are a lot smarter than they appear and have some sort of international communications system designed to disrupt those who become aware of their ultimate plan to take over the earth and make humans their servile minions! BEWARE! See below photos as evidence

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