Monday, June 13, 2005

As a Texan would say...

I'll tell yew what.
God Damn I feel good! I just spent 2 weeks gradually grading then 14+ hours (excluding an hour nap and coffee breaks) grading ~34 1 page papers [see earlier post on the evils of electronic media :)]. But, it's done and I've put off the deadline for papers for a week and I think I'm learning methods to speed this whole grading process along. One day I hope to become 'grand poobah' of electronic grading techniques. Yes. I'll have the electronic grading for dummies book, Cliff notes for electronic graders, Coles notes for electronic graders. The whole shebang. I will live off the royalties of experience hard won..... Whoa! I gotta get a grip! Like that will ever happen. HAH!

However, on the 'yeah like that will ever happen' front' the wife and I made the jump. We paid the $500 "earnest" payment on a new town home. GAH! (as dilbert would say), what have we done!? Still, I have to admit it's kinda cool. Our own place. Finally we can decorate as we please. I never realized how important that was to me until I actually had the option. I envision funky glass vases on stair shelves, mysterious east asian characters strewn about the abode, perhaps even a stuffed penguin or two. We can do ANYTHING! AAAHHHH HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA.

Me thinks sleep is in order :) Yeah for us. Good night.

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