Sunday, June 05, 2005

Buying a home?! - How did that happen?

Been a few days since the last post. As mentioned previously, we went house browsing recently and as luck would have it we found a very cool place (I'll post some info a little later and maybe get some feedback - for reasons explained shortly). We talked to the seller and have been trying to contact people who do the mortgage thing, visiting the construction site and taking tons of photos, talking about appliances, pro's, con's of location, liklihood of real estate appreciation and on and on and on! By all that is unholy and poltroonish this is scary stuff!

We finally came to a decision that it is a good idea to make the jump, when we start second guessing and start looking at other possible homes; just to be sure. Now there is a heightened sense of urgency because the place we want is the only unit left and we can only hold it for so long before the building company starts allowing others to consider purchasing it as well. Tomorrow we are heading to 5 other places that are closer to work, are a little pricer but have better construction/options. We are feeling an artifical pressure to make a choice because we are so enamoured with this one home that we are rushing from place to place to try and decide if we're making the right decision. Maybe tomorrow I'll post some links and photo's of the various places we visit and get some feedback from whoever reads this humble little blog.

If I know anything about human nature this shouldn't be difficult. People tend to be very willing to express their opinions and hopefully the importance (from a North American/USA perspective) of home ownership will stimulate lots of opinions and suggestions about things we need to consider that we have not thought of.

OOOhhhh this could be exciting!


Anonymous said...

Stop the madness! How in the hell did we get ourselves into this? I like our current simple, irresponsible, immature lifestyle....What are we thinking?

Hmmmm. Are cries for help on a husband's blog a bad sign?

tim said...

We're still renting, so I can't tell you much about buying.

However, in our experience from picking out places, if you find a place that you love, in the end that's lots more important than whether it's 15 minutes closer to work and all that other relatively peripheral stuff...

In any case, good luck with it all!!