Monday, November 19, 2007

A cornucopia of plethoric ideas

I've been remiss in the past few days by not blogging. But I have a good excuse. I could not decide what to write about. Not for the lack of ideas. In fact, quite the opposite. I've had so many ideas I could not settle down on any single one. In the end I've decided to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.

First, I recently participated in a friendly weight loss competition with the fun folks at the fatcyclist's blog with the win being some funky bike grips (ergonomics, which will be discussed later). It was a fun thing to do and a great incentive to encourage me to get back under 200lbs. During the week, Fatty (as fans of the site have come to know and love him) went with friends on a long weekend camping trip where he posted some great photos and solicited plenty of comments (even me).

My comment involved having an external conscience for hire which got me to thinking that it would be fun to post a faux ad for consciences for hire for sociopaths and other maladapted types. It involved clever wordology, references to features offered at different price points, a "test" to best gauge which "package" would be best you and on and on. Frankly, it got a little daunting and intimidating and the more I thought about it the more elaborate it it became, the more I laughed to myself and the less I accomplished.

Today was the end of the weight loss game I had a lot of fun doing it (ignore the poor grammar). And, as I wait for the results I reflected on the fun things that I learned about cycling, exercise, life, and this new 21st century age. First, do not cycle twice your normal distance a the same pace as your normal distance. You will die of exhaustion. Second, as I reflect on the things I did, the exercises I did, my favorite TV shows and my geek nature I'm truly thinking of of starting a second blog that really emphasizes the science involved in everyday life.

For example. I was watching "build it bigger" and "Modern Marvels", involving modern EU architecture that soooo is beyond anything the US or anything any other country in the world is doing that my jaw dropped. Yet, at the same time, I'm thinking, "that's not so outrageous. It's based on science". I'm constantly trying to find real life examples of psychological principles, chemistry, physics, math, geology, etc as it impacts my life every day. What about set point for weight loss, what about the physics of cycling, what about the psychology of morale, even morals (given the expectation that everyone involved in the great weight loss cometition would not cheat and be honest). So I'm thinking of starting a second blog where I mention things that happen to me on a day to day basis and discussing a scientific principle that affected the actions, effects on my behavior on a semi regular basis. I'm thinking of calling the blog "The Life Experiment". I'd appreciate any feedback on the idea.

The other feature I find particularly appealing is the idea of having others contribute their experiences for others to use. This really excites me. As discussed in previous posts, I am of the opinion that information should be free (coming from a science background) and as such I'm a big wikipedia fan, linux fan, firefox fan, open office fan, GIMP fan, ... think of a proprietary piece of software and there is probably a open source version that is as good, better or needs just a little bit of help to bring it up to snuff.

Like the topic suggested, I'm way too full of Ideas right now and getting them out is more important than being coherent.

Comments welcome.

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